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A root canal might sound scary, but this routine dental procedure is actually typically no more painful than having a tooth cavity filled when it’s done properly by a dentist in Hollywood. Do you need to save an infected tooth with a root canal? Keep reading to find out!

5 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

  1. Tooth Pain: The most common sign that you need to undergo a root canal procedure is tooth pain. This pain can occur spontaneously or can be caused by chewing, pressure, or hot and cold temperatures.
  2. Gum Abscess: If you spot a pimple-like bump on your gums, it could be an abscess. An abscess happens when the pulp inside the tooth dies and means that you may need a root canal.
  3. Trauma: Trauma from a car accident, sports injury, or other trauma can necessitate a root canal if the force was great enough to cause a tooth nerve to be severed from its root.
  4. Severe Decay: Cavities that are severe or progress untreated can reach and infect your tooth pulp. If this happens, your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure.
  5. Appearance: If you notice that one of your teeth is discolored, you may need a root canal. Frequently, a discolored tooth means that it is a “dead tooth” and is susceptible to infection.

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If you are experiencing any of these signs that you may need a root canal, it’s time to contact our dentist in Hollywood. Here at TLC Dental we can provide the highest quality dental treatments in a comfortable environment. Request a reservation with our experienced team of dentists today!

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