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When it comes to root canal infections, you can never be too careful. A root canal infection happens when the internal part of the tooth is infected by bacteria. Bacteria can only get inside the tooth when the tooth itself has been compromised. If you think you have a root canal infection, you will need a dentist Tamarac to handle it before things get out of hand.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

The most common cause of root canal infections is a chipped or cracked tooth that has gone untreated. Leaving an opening in the tooth and exposing the soft, interior tissue is the quickest way to allow bacteria to invade the inner tooth. Once that happens, it is very easy for the tooth to get infected and cause a lot of other issues for not only your mouth but your overall health. If the infection reaches the bloodstream, it will be a very different situation.

Severe Tooth Decay

An injury to your tooth is the most common way to need a root canal, but that isn’t the only cause. Severe tooth decay is also a cause. If you let your teeth deteriorate to the point where the internal tissue of the tooth is compromised, you will need surgery. Getting to this point isn’t as hard as you would think. All you need to do is not properly care for your teeth and let things like cavities go untreated for months on end.

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