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Your child’s early oral health is so important for their ongoing development! Children should see our dentist before their first birthday. You might wonder why so early, but just like adults, there’s so much more to oral health than just pearly white teeth.

Having a “well visit” with your child and our dentist allows them to connect at an early age, establishing a “dental home” where they can receive the proper care for years to come. Our dentist is then able to watch your child’s development and get familiar with their needs!

Benefits of Seeing a Pediatric Dentist

Taking your child to see a pediatric-specific dentist is essential to giving them the best care possible. Our pediatric dentist went through schooling and training to work with children in particular. They take additional measures to help your child feel at home while looking out for child-specific dental issues.

What Will Happen During My Child’s First Dental Visit?

  1. Get to know you and your child to create a comfortable environment
  2. Familiarize themselves with your child’s health history
  3. Complete a thorough oral exam, checking: growth and development, injuries, cavities, fluoride, and potential issues.
  4. Clean your child’s teeth and give tips for their daily oral routine
  5. Review feeding practices, pacifier use, teething, and finger/thumb sucking habits
  6. Discuss any treatment or follow-up appointments

Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in South Florida?

Taking your child to a pediatric dentist in South Florida can create a healthy, happy, and lifelong dental patient. So, if it’s time for your child’s first dental visit, contact our experienced and friendly team at TLC Dental to schedule an appointment!

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