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Meet the Smile Defenders!

TLC Dental wants to make going to the dentist as fun and exciting as possible. Many patients develop a fear of the dentist at a young age, so we want to make sure we provide a comfortable and imaginative environment for your child. When you bring them in for their next reservation, they can join the heroic Smile Defenders!

Who are the Smile Defenders?

The Smile Defenders are a team of superheroes that were assembled to fight the Mouth Invaders, whose only goal is to destroy children’s teeth at all costs. Let’s take a look at each member of the team!

Captain Super Smiles

Captain Super Smiles is the founding member of the Smile Defenders. He always dreamed of being a dentist, even as a young boy, but one day while he was brushing his teeth, he noticed that he had incredible super-human strength! But that wasn’t the only power he discovered. He could run faster, jump higher, and even fly! Now equipped with his super brush and shield, Captain Super Smiles is ready for anything the Mouth Invaders throw at him!


Scrubby is Captain Super Smiles’ loveable sidekick who’s always ready to protect your smile. He has a super special scrubbing power that lets him slow down the Mouth Invaders with his magical canine teeth!


Sparkle comes from a long line of Tooth Avengers and had always dreamed of joining the Smile Defenders. One day while flossing, Sparkle created small fireworks that healed the pain of her tooth decay. When she’s not defending teeth from the evil Mouth Invaders, she loves creating videos for her social media followers.

X-Ray Boy

X-Ray Boy is known as the secret weapon of the Smile Defenders, because his power allows him to easily spot plaque, gingivitis, and decay – everything the team is sworn to destroy!

Fluoride Girl

Fluoride Girl was always concerned about the health of everyone’s teeth. With her tubes of fluoride, she is able to fight the evil Mouth Invaders and shield teeth from further attacks!

Your child’s first visit is a momentous occasion! It’s at this moment that you’re be setting them up for a bright future with great oral health. TLC Dental suggests that you bring your child in before their first birthday. This first visit is mainly to gain a basic understanding of their health while introducing them to a comfortable and friendly dental environment. It will also include:

  • An exam which will look over potential injuries, cavities, and other potential issues – as well as growth and development
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Cleaning any visible teeth
  • Going over feeding, pacifiers, teething, and finger sucking
  • Discussing any necessary follow-ups

Pediatric dentists are here for your child from when they’re an infant to all the way through their teen years. Dental care at a young age is extremely important for a strong and healthy smile when your child becomes an adult.

Pediatric dentists offer many different types of procedures and specialize in the treatment of a child’s gums and teeth. This means that not only are we well-trained, we also take every opportunity to make their visit as comfortable as possible too.

Without at least coming in to see a pediatric dentist for a biannual visit, your child could be put at risk for decay and gum disease. These potential problems can easily be caught in their early stages, preventing a lot of discomfort and complex procedures. Children are at a higher risk for dental caries, and while it might seem insignificant since these are not permanent teeth, it can negatively impact their overall oral health.

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Meet the TLC Smile Defenders

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