Why You Should Never Skin Brushing Your Tongue

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Do you want to know why your dentist in South Florida asked if you brush your tongue? When cleaning your teeth and gums, you should also include your tongue. Research shows that the human tongue has over 20 billion bacteria. In fact, between your teeth and tongue, the latter is dirtier since bacteria can hide under the elevations and inside the tiny crevices that make up for your tongue’s rough texture. What might happen if you neglect cleaning your tongue?

Why Is It Necessary to Clean Your Tongue?

Why Should You Clean Your Tongue?

The fact that your tongue has billions of bacteria is enough to convince you that you need to clean it daily. Many assume that brushing and flossing will get rid of bacteria in the tongue, but it doesn’t.

You need to manually brush your tongue to remove the bacteria sticking to it. Bacteria present in your tongue will create volatile sulfur compounds that can result in bad breath and other oral health problems.

How Can You Keep Your Tongue Clean?

Cleaning your tongue is easy. You need a tongue scraper or a soft-bristled toothbrush. You can even use the same toothbrush for your teeth to clean your tongue.

However, you can also opt to get a tongue scraper. It’s a small, flexible plastic tool that can gently scrape away bacteria from your tongue. You can do it before or after brushing your teeth.

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Bacteria can thrive and multiply if you allow them, so you must brush your teeth, gums, and tongue thoroughly to protect your mouth against oral health problems. At TLC Dental, we offer affordable and customizable dental treatments that will help improve your smile and boost your oral health. Contact us today for a reservation.

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