Unhealthy Habits That Are Destroying Your Child's Teeth

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As parents, you should find a pediatric dentist in Fort Lauderdale for your children. Pediatric dentists have specialized knowledge in handling oral health issues from infancy through teenage years. They also help educate children in breaking bad habits detrimental to their teeth and jaws. Remember, kids are kids. Many of them do things guiltlessly without regard for the consequences. Take your children to a pediatric dentist as early as six months old or the moment their first tooth emerges.

Habits That Are Bad for Your Child’s Teeth

child getting a dental exam from a Pediatric Dentist in Fort Lauderdale

Chewing on Toys

Many children chew on their toys, pencils, crayons, and many other things they can find. Biting on inedible things can cause their teeth to chip and break. Not only will this destroy their teeth, but these objects may contain toxic material that could make them sick.

Eating Too Many Sweets

Children love sweets. We’re not saying you should deprive your children of sweet treats, but you must control their consumption of sugary candies and cakes because these sweet treats will predispose them to cavities and tooth decay.

Drinking Soda

Soda and chips are always a tasty pair, but they’re not healthy – that’s why they call them junk food. Carbonated soda will erode your child’s teeth. In addition, these drinks are loaded with sugars that will lead to tooth decay and cavity development.

Forgetting to Brush Their Teeth

Parents are either busy or too tired to assist their children in brushing, but it is your main responsibility to ensure that your children are brushing their teeth properly. If you don’t guide them, they could be using the wrong technique or not brush at all.

young boy getting his teeth checked by a Pediatric Dentist in Fort Lauderdale

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