Oral Habits That Are Destroying Your Child's Teeth

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Are you struggling to maintain your child’s oral health? If you’re a parent, you can seek help from a children's dentist in Fort Lauderdale. A huge part of your kid’s oral health can be owed to the guidance pediatric dentists offer.

Pediatric dentists not only treat oral health problems, but they also offer patient education so you can teach your child how to improve their oral health at home. Did you know that the reason why children succumb to oral health problems is because of bad habits? Check out some of the habits you need to help them break to protect their teeth.

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Oral Habits You Child Needs to Break   

The Use of Pacifiers

Pacifiers are designed to help soothe your babies when they continue to cry even though they are not hungry. A pacifier gives them the comfort that sucking does. Although it’s acceptable to use a pacifier during the first few years, excessive use of pacifiers can affect their tooth position and jaw shape.

Breaking this habit can help prevent these problems, especially when permanent teeth emerge. If you ever use a pacifier, make sure you don’t use it to delay meals, tie it around your child’s hand, or substitute it for a bottle nipple.

Thumb Sucking  

Children are prone to thumb sucking. They’ll suck their thumb to self-wean. If your child still thumb sucks by four years old, you should talk to your pediatric dentist to help stop the habit. Pediatric dentists suggest you don’t pressure your child into breaking the habit but instead use praises when your child isn’t sucking. You can also offer other activities so that your child can get distracted.   

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Need Help From a Children’s Dentist in Fort Lauderdale?   

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