Family Dentist in South Florida | Tips for Your Child’s Back to School Visit

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School is nearly back in session! If you’re looking for a family dentist in South Florida, this is the perfect time to swing by. A back-to-school dental checkup can help your child(ren) feel healthy and confident going back to school:

do my kids need to see a family dentist in south florida before school starts

Stay Calm

Children can most definitely pick up on their parents’ anxiety. Before the visit, take some deep breaths and try your best to stay calm, even if you’ve been stressed earlier that day. During the visit, try hard to maintain the same demeanor so your child doesn’t get dental anxiety.

Time It Right

Try not to schedule a reservation during nap time. Obviously, you know how your child behaves when their schedule is disrupted. But, if they’re a little cranky, chances are the visit won’t go as smooth as you’d like.

Eat Beforehand

Don’t come on an empty stomach! A light meal can make a reservation go better for a child with a gag reflex. As they get old and gain more control over swallowing, this will get easier. And, if they can brush after eating, that’s even better!

Choose the Model

If you have one child who tends to have positive dentist experiences, have them go first during back-to-back reservations. They can show the other(s) that sitting in the somewhat intimidating dentist chair isn’t so bad!

Looking for a Family Dentist in South Florida?

Your family’s dental health is important – even those under the age of six! Make a reservation with a TLC family dentist in South Florida before the school year begins, so they can go back smiling!

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