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The state of your child’s teeth and gums is important to his or her overall health, which is why it is very important that you discipline them while they are young. Training them to practice proper dental habits and incorporating it into their lifestyle is essential as they grow. With proper oral care, your child is protected from disease, infection and other dental problems. As young as they are, teach them about the importance of seeing a Family Dentist Ft. Lauderdale. Most kids are scared of the dentist, but you can take the necessary measures to alleviate this fear when you educate them about dentists and what they do.

Let Them Pick A Toothbrush

It can be a real struggle to force your kids to brush their teeth. One effective technique is to let them choose their own toothbrush. Just make sure they choose the ones with soft-bristles. Today, kids’ toothbrushes come in many different colors and themes. Some play songs while others light up as you brush.

Choose A Fluoride-Based Toothpaste

When given a choice between minty toothpaste and toothpaste with a sweet, fruity flavor, your kids will likely choose the latter. To make them want to brush their teeth, find a toothpaste that is made for kids instead of letting your child use the toothpaste you are using. Kids’ toothpaste comes in various flavors like bubble gum, strawberry, cherry and, many more.

Introduce them to A Family Dentist Ft. Lauderdale

Start them young and introduce them to the dentist. Paint a positive picture of a family dentist so they won’t get scared of a dental checkup. Make them watch videos on YouTube or make up fun stories about kids going to the dentist. You are your child’s biggest influence. Be their role model and show them how they can benefit from regular dental checkups. Bring them with you at the dental clinic so they’ll know what to expect when it’s their turn.

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