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Parents, we bet you’re counting down the days until your little ones head back to school! But, don’t let the only education they receive be in the classroom. Instead, teach them about smile-friendly food options at lunch time. Use these school snack ideas this year so the next time you see a dentist in Hollywood, your child can get a great report!

what would a dentist in Hollywood suggest I pack for my kid's lunch

Raw Apples and Carrots

Anyone with kids understands how hard it can be to get them to brush. This may mean they’re missing spots. Pack them raw fruits and veggies to chomp into. The fibrous texture can help remove plaque build ups and ward off cavities.

Sweet Potato Fries

Vitamin C is vital for gum health. And sweet potatoes are packed with it! This is a great alternative to acidic fruits like oranges, which can eventually do more damage than good.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled cheese sandwiches? Yup. Cheese is packed with calcium, which is important for developing teeth. Cheese is also packed with vitamin D, which aids in the absorption of calcium.

Low-Sugar Yogurt

Once again, yogurt is full of calcium. This key ingredient can help ward off tooth decay and cavities in your child by fortifying their soft teeth. But, reach for the lower sugar option. Flavored choices can contain more than the recommended amount of sugar. Also, note that yogurt can help balance the pH of your child’s mouth after acidic foods like juice.

Assortment of Nuts

Nuts pack a lot of power. From iron and magnesium to calcium and vitamin D, an assortment of nuts can provide your child an array of vitamins. All of these are beneficial for their gums and teeth. But, consider buying them in halves as you don’t want them hurting a tooth on something that is too hard!

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