Healthy Snacks That Keep Cavities Away

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Most parents discipline their children by saying no without providing alternatives, leaving the little ones angry, disappointed, and frustrated. One good example of this is stopping your child from indulging in their favorite treats like chocolates, ice cream, cakes, candies, as these are loaded with sugar. Your children’s dentist in Fort Lauderdale is very clear with their instructions about cavity-causing foods.

Yes, these are undoubtedly bad for your child’s teeth, but if you are going to stop them, then at least provide them with healthy snacks so they won’t feel deprived.

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Healthy and Teeth-Friendly Snack Ideas for Kids

Why Are Sugars and Carbs Bad for Your Child’s Teeth?

Did you know that more than 40 percent of children between two and 11 years old have cavities? These cavities are caused by bacteria in your mouth known as mutans streptococcus. What does this have to do with sugar-laden food and drinks?

Well, the sugars in these foods are what cause bacteria to thrive. They feed on the sugars and release powerful acids that are strong enough to destroy your child’s enamel, creating holes in their teeth.

What Snacks Should You Prepare for Your Kids?

Believe it or not, but there are plenty of delicious snacks you can prepare for your child – snacks that won’t harm their teeth. When you choose snacks that are low in carbs and sugars, you’ll spare yourself from spending money on restorative dental care.

Examples of healthy snacks include yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, fruits, and cucumbers. There are plenty of recipes you can find online. These foods are rich in calcium and protein, such as yogurt. Yogurt comes in many different flavors.

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Do you need help looking for healthy snack recipes for your kids? We can teach you. Besides providing restorative care, TLC Dental & Orthodontics also offers preventive care, including educating our patients on ways to protect their teeth. Call us today for an appointment.  

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