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When it comes to your oral health, what you eat matters. Eating foods that are bad for your smile can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and a wide-range of other dental issues. As a result, in order to achieve a healthy mouth, our dentist in Coral Springs recommends that you try to avoid certain foods. Keep reading to find out which foods and drinks can cause the most damage to your smile!

3 Teeth-Damaging Foods and Drinks

  1. Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks, specifically carbonated soft drinks and juice, contain a ton of acid and sugar that attack your tooth enamel and dry out your mouth. As a result, drinking these beverages can lead to serious tooth and gum damage.

  1. Citrus Fruit

Grapefruit, lemon, and other citrus fruits are extremely acidic and can erode your tooth enamel over time, which makes your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay over time. Even squeezing a little bit of lemon or lime into a simple glass of water can be bad for your smile.

  1. Chewy Candy

Chewy candies, such as sour gummies, caramels, and taffy, can stick to your teeth for a long time, which dissolves your tooth enamel. Not to mention, candy is extremely high in sugar and can cause tooth decay.

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