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Are you someone that has gotten a dental implant recently and wondering how to care for it? An implant is a significant investment and needs to be treated properly. Your dental professional should provide you with full care instruction but this post should help you take care of your dental implants Hollywood.

Caring for an Implant is Different than Caring for A Regular Tooth

Caring for an implant is different to caring for a natural tooth in two primary ways. The implant is attached to the bone in a different way than a natural tooth and the materials that make up the implant are very different than a natural tooth. One thing that you need to be careful of is an infection. Plaque can attach itself just as easily to an implant as a natural tooth. Given the non-natural spacing between the implant, gum, and bone an infection can fester easier in an implant than a regular tooth.

What to do If Your Implant Gets Damaged

Dental implants are sturdy but can break in extreme circumstances. If too much pressure is applied before the implant is fully fused to the bone. Typically, the crown that appears above the gums needs to be replaced every 10 to 15 years but if they break sooner, contact your dental professional immediately. If the crown breaks, your dentist can replace that easily but if there is damage to the screw it might be a more involved repair.

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Need Extra Care for your Dental Implants Hollywood?

It is important to take extra special care of your implants. If you find yourself in need of some TLC for your dental implant, contact us today. TLC Dental & Orthodontics is your destination for dental implants Hollywood and more.

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