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Teeth whitening techniques have been well evaluated over the years, and the results obtained both in the dental office and at home are virtually guaranteed. It is also incredibly safe, especially if the whitening is performed in a dentist office. There are two main components of your mouth that are affected by teeth whitening: your teeth and your gums. Let’s take a look at how getting your teeth whitened by a cosmetic dentist in South Florida can affect those parts.


A common side-effect of teeth whitening is temporary tooth sensitivity. Since the teeth whitening opens the pores that are in your teeth in order to whiten them it will make your teeth temporarily more sensitive to extreme temperatures. Teeth with decay, broken fillings and fractured structures can generate a more significant and lasting discomfort, but there is no damage to the enamel under these circumstances.


While people go to the dentist for teeth whitening for the piece of mind of it being done properly and safely, sometimes the bleaching agent can still come in contact with the gums. When that happens, it can cause the gums to get irritated in the area where the bleach came in contact. Like the sensitivity, this is usually temporary and will typically heal on its own after the bleach is removed from the area.

why should i get my teeth whitened by a cosmetic dentist in south Florida?

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