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Choosing to excessive fluoridation is a completely personal and cosmetic decision. But, there’s no doubt that having a whiter and brighter smile can’t affect your physically. A cosmetic dentist in Coral Springs can whiten your teeth and leave you feeling like a brand-new person! But, if you’re not sure if your teeth should be whitened, here are a few reasons people get it done:


Flourosis is when there is excessive fluoridation during tooth development. This means, there was excess fluoride introduced to the mouth while enamel developed. It’s very common and causes a visible change in enamel. Whitening can help lessen this discoloration.

Normal Tooth Wear

Whether you drink coffee every morning or having staining for other reasons, everyone’s teeth experience normal wear and tear. This can most definitely cause discoloration. So, regular whitening with can help combat the appearance of this!

why should i get my teeth whitened by a cosmetic dentist in coral springs

Medicinal Staining

Unfortunately, it’s true – certain medications (take tetracycline for example) can cause excessive fluoridation. You shouldn’t stop a medication just because of some discoloration though. Teeth whitening lets you have a bright smile while getting the benefits of your prescriptions.

What Does Tooth Whitening Involve?

Tooth whitening happens in multiple stages. The first reservation will involve taking molds of your teeth to make trays. Your second will include tray fitting and introduction. You’ll then whiten your teeth for a recommended amount of time. There may be some sensitivity during this. Your dentist can address any questions.

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