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Wearing braces in Hollywood will require certain sacrifices, and one example of a sacrifice you’ll be making is being selective with your food choices. With a device in your mouth, you now have the added responsibility of taking care of both your teeth and a set of braces.  

During your initial consultation with your orthodontist, you’ll be advised to modify your meal plan. This is important to protect your teeth and the integrity of your orthodontic device to avoid delays in your treatment.  

Woman with Braces eating an apple Hollywood

Food Choices for Braces Wearers

What Foods Are You Allowed to Have?

  • Soft foods like pancakes, pastas, porridge, and scrambled eggs contain key nutrients that can help improve your health. But besides their nutritional value, the texture of soft foods is less likely to irritate your sore mouth.  
  • You may also enjoy dairy products like soft cheese and plain or flavored yogurts.
  • For meat, your orthodontist can allow you to enjoy some, but instead of diving into a chewy steak, they suggest you opt for soft meatballs. You may also cut meat into bite-sized pieces.  
  • Another healthy option that is braces-friendly is a smoothie. Put the ice, milk, and fruits in a blender, and voila, you’ve got yourself a healthy meal without the need for chewing. Just be wary of fruits that have tiny seeds, as these can get stuck in your brackets.  

What Foods Should You Avoid?

  • If you’re wearing traditional metal braces, it’s best to avoid popcorn. So, if you’re going on a movie night with friends, you might want to change to a different snack.
  • You’ll also be advised to stay away from hard and chewy candies. They are notorious for destroying brackets and wires.  
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Are You All Set and Ready for Your New Braces in Hollywood?

Don’t worry about the rules because once your treatment is over, you can go back to enjoying all your favorite foods without worrying that they’ll damage your braces. TLC Dental offers affordable and customizable dental care, including orthodontic treatment. Contact us today for a reservation.  

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