Why Did My Orthodontist Recommend Braces?

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If you have spacing problems or an incorrect bite, don’t be surprised if your dentist refers you to an orthodontist in South Florida. Contrary to popular belief, braces are not just for teenagers. These teeth-straightening appliances are designed for people of all ages with orthodontic problems.  

Although metal braces may look uncomfortable, and perhaps you’ve heard of stories of braces wearers complaining of pain post adjustment, all these sacrifices are worth it because once you complete the treatment, you’ll love your new smile. In addition, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your oral health.  

Orthodontist in South Florida checks patient's teeth

Reasons Why You’ll Need Braces  


An overbite is when your bottom teeth hit the roof of your mouth when you bite. A pronounced overbite is when you are asked to bite, and your lower teeth disappear entirely. Without treatment, people with pronounced overbites can suffer damage to their gum tissues and front teeth. Braces can help fix even the most pronounced overbite.  


The opposite of overbite is an underbite, a condition wherein your lower teeth overlap with your front teeth. The good news is that this, too, can be treated with braces. Underbites should be corrected because if left untreated, they can increase your risk of oral injury when you eat and talk.  


If your teeth have wide gaps, you need to see an orthodontist. People may think tooth gaps are merely a cosmetic concern, but it’s just one of the many problems spacing creates.  

Closing tooth gaps will help protect your oral health because if your teeth have wide spaces between them, food particles can get lodged in your gum's tissues, leading to gum problems, cavities in the rest of your teeth, and even bad breath.  

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If you have an odd bite that’s causing you problems or wide tooth gaps, we can help you. At TLC Dental, we strive to improve your smile and oral health with our wide range of affordable dental treatments. We provide various orthodontic devices that suit your needs and budget. Contact us today for a reservation.

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