Why Should You Spend 2 Minutes Brushing Your Teeth?

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When your dentist in South Florida asked you how long you brush your teeth at home, what did you say? Most people find this question ridiculous. Why would you time yourself? We’ve asked our patients how long they brush their teeth, and we were surprised by their answers. Many of them don’t even reach one full minute. The American Dental Association is very clear with its brushing guidelines. If you are going to brush your teeth, make sure you follow the proper technique and the correct duration.

Dentist in South Florida showing the proper way to brush teeth

Why Should You Brush Your Teeth for Two Minutes?

Why Brushing Is Important

Brushing is an integral part of your oral care routine. If you brush and floss your teeth daily, you are dramatically reducing your risk of developing oral health problems and complications such as tooth decay, cavity formation, gum disease, and tooth abscess. Every time you brush your teeth, you remove plaque from building up and prevent it from calcifying and hardening into tartar.  

Why You Should Spend Two Minutes Brushing Your Teeth

Dentists recommend you brush for two minutes to ensure that all food particles, plaque, and bacteria are removed from the surfaces of your teeth and in between them. If you leave traces of plaque in your mouth, the bacteria in plaque will release acids that will destroy the hard protective layer of your teeth, creating pits and holes called cavities. This will compromise the strength, function, and integrity of your teeth.

Plaque buildup will also lead to tartar formation. When tartar is present along your gum line, it results in gum inflammation and infection.

Dentist in South Florida demonstrating how to brush teeth

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