Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

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You know something is wrong when you experience pain in your teeth. When this happens, you should let your dentist in Dania Beach know right away so that the cause of the pain can be identified and addressed. The earlier it is determined, the better. According to a survey conducted by the American Family Physician, it was found that 22% of American adults have experienced pain in their jaw, gums, and teeth in the last six months. What causes tooth pain?

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What Factors Contribute to Tooth Pain?

Enamel Erosion

The hardest layer of your teeth is the enamel. It is a strong and durable coating designed to protect your teeth. Unfortunately, wear and tear and brushing too hard can cause your enamel to erode. If the outermost layer of your teeth is stripped off, it will expose the second layer known as the dentin.

When the dentin is unprotected, you’ll likely suffer from dentin hypersensitivity. This explains why you experience sharp, stabbing pain when consuming certain food and drinks.  

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay or cavities are another reason why you suffer from tooth pain. Tooth decay happens over time, and in most cases, you probably won’t even notice it. However, you’ll know it’s there when the decay has already advanced because it will start to feel painful. When the decay has progressed and is close to becoming an infection, you’ll experience pain.

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Do You Need to See a Dentist in Dania Beach?

When you start to feel pain in your teeth, don’t shrug it off and don’t disregard it. Let your dentist know immediately. At TLC Dental, your oral health is our top priority. We offer affordable and customizable dental services to help you achieve optimum oral health and wellness. Should you wish to book an appointment, click here to request a reservation.

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