Who Makes Good Candidates For Braces?

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Individuals who have crooked and crowded teeth would make good candidates for braces in Coral Springs. However, while it’s obvious these conditions require orthodontic care, what people want to know is the age bracket ideal for wearing braces. Contrary to popular belief, braces are designed for both young and old. This means children and adults may wear them. Let’s find out more if you’d make a good candidate for braces.

Where can I get Braces Coral Springs?

Who Can Qualify For Wearing Braces?

Children and Teens

The American Orthodontist Association recommends children, starting at the age of 7, visit an orthodontist regularly. Around this time, children have already developed their permanent teeth. Your orthodontist can check if they need braces in Coral Springs. It’s better to have their teeth checked at an early age so they can enjoy a beautiful smile when they are older. It’s also an advantage because their jaw, face, and teeth are still in the process of developing, making corrections easier. Teenagers from 12 to 18 can also benefit from wearing orthodontic braces.


Do you know 25% of American adults are wearing braces in Coral Springs? Adults between ages 19 and 75 can still wear braces! Can you believe it? Braces help solve oral problems like plaque accumulation, gum problems, and crooked teeth. Besides improving oral health, wearing braces will also result in a beautiful smile, and this can significantly boost self-esteem.

Where can I get Braces Coral Springs?

Are You Interested in Getting Braces in Coral Springs?  

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