What’s Going to Happen if You Continue to Ignore Crooked Teeth?

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Your partner thinks you don’t need to visit an orthodontist in North Lauderdale because they find your crooked teeth adorable. They say you should accept your flaws. In fact, they urge you to embrace them. And while this may apply to other aspects of your life, for you, crooked teeth just doesn’t seem to be one of them.  

Unfortunately, if you don’t get severe misalignment issues adjusted, your oral health could even suffer the consequences. Crooked teeth are not always just a cosmetic concern. Neglecting to seek treatment can impact your dental health in more ways than one.  

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Crooked Teeth  

Plaque and Tartar Form Faster  

Whether your teeth are straight or crooked, plaque is ever-present and constantly forms on your teeth. It’s a sticky film that contains harmful bacteria. If you don’t remove plaque within 24-72 hours, it can quickly calcify and turn into hardened tartar.  

This is unfortunate for people with crooked teeth because they are twice as likely to develop tartar due to teeth misalignment. When teeth are crooked, plaque can develop in the tiny spaces they create, putting you at risk of tooth decay and gum disease.  

Your Bite Can Make Your Mouth Work Harder  

Did you know that crooked teeth can also affect your bite? If your teeth don’t meet correctly, the pressure distributed to your jaws when you bite becomes uneven. Consequently, it forces your muscles and jaw joints to work harder. The imbalance can lead to further teeth misalignment exacerbating the effects of crooked teeth.  

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Fix Crooked Teeth by Seeing an Orthodontist in North Lauderdale Today!  

The good news is that there are many ways to correct crooked teeth. At TLC Dental, we offer an array of orthodontic treatments for you to choose from. Our team has years of training, education, and experience to provide you with the best care at affordable rates. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us today.

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