What Type of Braces Are Right For You?

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Millions of Americans are unhappy with their smiles because of crooked and overcrowded teeth. Thankfully, these problems can be fixed! If you are not one of the lucky ones who have perfectly aligned teeth, don’t worry, your orthodontist in Tamarac can help you. Getting orthodontic treatment will change your smile completely and significantly improve your dental health. Orthodontic treatment comes in many forms and shapes. Let’s find out what type of braces is perfect for you.

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What Type of Braces Do You Need?

Traditional Metal Braces

Over the years, traditional metal braces have improved in terms of structure and weight. They are now lightweight and made from stainless steel. Individual brackets are cemented on each tooth. The brackets are interconnected using a thin, metal archwire. All these elements work together to slowly move your teeth until they reach their desired positions. Metal braces are cost-effective and proven to work even on the most complex cases. If you plan to get braces, make sure you have them installed by a trusted orthodontist.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are used by millions of people in the U.S.. Instead of metal, your orthodontist will use clear and removable aligners that are custom-made to fit your teeth. You can think of them as mouth guards. However, unlike mouthguards, these aligners need to be changed and adjusted every couple of weeks. The pressure they exert on your teeth is calculated based on your treatment plan. Just like braces, clear aligners function by moving your teeth.

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Are You Looking For A Trusted Orthodontist in Tamarac?

If you are looking for a reliable orthodontist to consult with, you don’t have to look far. At TLC Dental & Orthodontics, we strive to improve your dental health by offering a wide range of affordable dental services to meet your needs. Call us today for an appointment or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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