What to Do Once Your Braces Are Off

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Congratulations! Your braces are finally off, but does this mean you’ll forever part ways with your orthodontist in Hollywood? You’ve become accustomed to a life with braces since you’ve been wearing them for years. However, now that they're off, the next question will be, “What's my life going to be like post-braces?” So, what are you going to do next? 

Once you’ve completed your treatment, your responsibility to take care of your teeth and gums remains the same. It will not change. Maintaining your oral health is a lifelong commitment. 

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Post Braces Instructions

See Your Dentist Regularly

Now that your teeth are free from wires and brackets, your dentist can finally clean them more thoroughly. After having your braces removed, schedule regular appointments with your dentist for dental exams and professional cleanings.

You should also take good care of your gums by flossing once daily preferably before bedtime to remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria that can build up quickly overnight. 

See Your Orthodontist

Yes, you read that right. You still need to see your orthodontist even after your treatment is over because you will be asked to wear a retainer. A retainer is necessary to stop your teeth from shifting out of place. 

Without a retainer, your teeth could go back to being crooked, which means all your efforts will be for nothing. People who skipped wearing retainers had to go back to their orthodontist because their teeth went back to their original positions. 

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