What Happens If You Don't See Your Dentist Regularly?

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Do you visit your dentist in Ft. Lauderdale regularly? If not, you’re not the only one. Thousands of Americans are guilty of skipping dental appointments for several reasons. Some are afraid they might hear bad news. Others don’t want to spend money on dental checkups. And then some feel fine and don’t see the need for a routine exam or professional teeth cleaning.

What these people do not realize is that dental visits are part of preventive dental care. It’s a preventive measure to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. What’s going to happen if you don’t visit your dentist?

where can i find a dentist in ft lauderdale?

What Will Happen If You Keep Skipping Dental Appointments?

You Might Lose Your Teeth

Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you won’t experience tooth loss. Unfortunately, many people book appointments because they had just lost their permanent teeth due to tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing and flossing have to be done consistently.

Make sure the techniques you use when cleaning your mouth are correct, otherwise, plaque and tartar will continue to build up. Sadly, your oral care routine isn’t enough to save your teeth. You need regular dental cleanings to remove stubborn plaque and tartar in hard-to-reach areas. These are the areas that are prone to tooth loss.

Pay For Expensive Dental Treatments

If you fail to visit your dentist at least twice a year, there might be a big chance you'll suffer from tooth loss, tooth gaps, severe tooth decay, and advanced gum disease. Although your dentist can treat these oral issues for you, restoring your dental health can be expensive. Individuals who regularly have their mouth checked are spared from expensive restorative dental solutions.

where can i find a dentist in ft lauderdale?

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