What Foods Affect Your Child’s Oral Health?

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Childrens dentist in Fort Lauderdale encourages parents to be more mindful of their food preparation. Did you know that what you feed your kids can affect their oral health? Most parents are focused on taste that they forget to check if the meals are good or bad for their child’s teeth.    

To keep your child’s oral health in excellent shape, you must prepare a well-balanced nutritional diet. Healthy eating habits and daily brushing and flossing are necessary to promote overall health and protect your child’s teeth against cavities and gums from periodontal disease.    

Childrens dentist in Fort Lauderdale shows decayed teeth

Food Choices: What’s Healthy and What’s Not

Foods That Promote Healthy Teeth  

Some foods help keep your teeth clean and strong and protect against tooth decay. Meanwhile, certain foods can also feed oral bacteria prompting them to erode your teeth and cause damage. Examples of foods that are good for your child’s teeth are the following:  

  • Raw fruits and vegetables. Apples, carrots, celery, cucumbers, melons, and pears help remove bacteria from the teeth because of their crunchy texture. Furthermore, these foods stimulate saliva production to wash away bacteria and food debris that cling to your child’s teeth.  
  • Green leafy vegetables. Try adding kale, spinach, and other leafy greens to their meals. Leafy greens are high in calcium and contain essential vitamins and minerals that strengthen the enamel.  
  • Calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, milk, low-fat cheese, and broccoli are rich in calcium that keeps teeth strong. Cheese also increases the pH level in your child’s mouth, lowering their risk of developing cavities. Yogurt contains probiotics and proteins that fight against cavity-causing bacteria.    

Food and Drinks To Minimize

  • Sweet juices. Sweet beverages are popular with children, but you should limit their consumption because sugars from sodas and juices can weaken the enamel on their teeth. Instead, train your child to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.  
  • Starchy, sugary, and high-carb snacks. Did you know snacking on chips, cookies, candies, and cakes can instigate the tooth decay process? As much as possible, limit their consumption of anything that contains sugar.  
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Looking For A Reliable Childrens Dentist in Fort Lauderdale?  

As parents, you should encourage your children to develop healthy eating habits and teach them proper brushing and flossing techniques. Furthermore, encourage them to visit the dentist regularly. At TLC Dental, we offer a wide array of dental services to help promote good oral health. We are happy to answer if you have questions about food choices. Contact us today to request a reservation.

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