What Are the Symptoms of Tooth Decay?

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Every day, your dentist in North Lauderdale sees numerous patients complaining of tooth pain due to tooth decay. In America, more than one in four adults have untreated tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria in plaque release acids that eat away your enamel. It is imperative that you stop plaque buildup. The moment plaque is allowed to accumulate on the surface of your teeth, cavities, tooth decay, and abscess are likely outcomes.

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Symptoms of Tooth Decay

How To Know If You Have Tooth Decay

You may or may not experience pain if you have tooth decay. However, most patients do suffer from persistent sharp and shooting pain. Tooth decay also causes tooth sensitivity. You may experience pain or tenderness when your teeth are exposed to sweet, cold, or hot food and drinks.

Furthermore, you may notice black, brown, or gray spots on your teeth, unpleasant breath, and an odd taste in your mouth.  

How to Prevent Tooth Decay

If you suspect tooth decay, your best option is to see a dentist to have it treated before it turns into an abscess. The earlier tooth decay is detected, the easier it is to treat. It’s also more affordable to treat tooth decay during the early stages. To prevent tooth decay, dentists suggest you religiously practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist for check-ups and cleanings at least once every six months.

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Tooth decay is treated depending on how advanced and severe it is. It’s important to let your dentist evaluate the severity and extent of the decay so we can come up with a personalized treatment plan. At TLC Dental, we offer restorative dental treatments at an affordable price. Our goal is to restore your health as soon as possible. Contact us today for a reservation.

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