What Are The Dangers of Having Crooked Teeth?

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According to surveys, women are more likely to turn down second dates with men who have crooked teeth. Crooked teeth may not be the prettiest to look at, but apart from being a cosmetic issue, did you know that misaligned teeth also predispose you to oral health problems? Getting braces in Tamarac may just be the answer you’ve always wanted.  

You may not be aware but a lot of oral problems can be traced to misaligned teeth. Luckily, crooked teeth can be fixed with braces. If you’re having second thoughts about wearing braces, you should consider it.  

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The Dangers of Crooked Teeth

Increased Risk of Developing Gum Disease  

People with crooked teeth will not be able to thoroughly clean their teeth–even if they brush twice a day for two minutes. The alignment of your teeth encourages the buildup of bacteria and plaque. When plaque isn’t removed it may harden and turn into tartar.   

Over time, tartar will irritate and inflame your gums, resulting in periodontal disease. When you wear braces, your susceptibility to gum disease will significantly drop.   

Crooked Teeth Are Prone To Wear And Tear  

Did you know that if your teeth are crooked or crowded, at least one of them may protrude and create friction with your upper teeth? When this happens, that particular tooth will wear faster. Imagine if it’s not just one? 

When your teeth rub against each other the enamel will slowly wear away, leaving you susceptible to cavities and a tooth abscess. Protect your teeth by asking your orthodontist about braces. 

Do You Have Questions About Braces in Tamarac?

If you want to learn more about braces and what they can do, how much they cost, or what they feel like, feel free to ask us.  

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