What Are Braces Elastics For?

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Did your orthodontist in Tamarac mention that you’ll get elastics during your next appointment? Did you ask what those are for? Elastics are essential in your orthodontic treatment. These elastic bands help correct misaligned teeth and malocclusion (underbite, overbite, crossbite, and open bite) by applying additional force to certain areas of your mouth. Patients who use elastics have a shorter treatment time than those who don’t.

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Understanding How Braces Elastics Work

What Are the Different Kinds of Elastics?

There are two different types of elastics. The first are the tiny colorful rings that are placed around each bracket. This elastic ring applies force to your teeth to move them into the proper position. Your orthodontist usually offers different elastic colors during your appointments. You can request to change the colors whenever you come back to the office for an adjustment.

The second type of elastic is the one that’s between your top and bottom jaws. Not everyone is required to wear this type of elastic. It’s usually recommended for people who have jaw alignment issues.

Are There Other Types of Elastics and What Do They Do?

There are three classes of elastics.

·      Class 1 is designed to close tooth gaps between your teeth.

·      Class 2 works by pulling your upper teeth back and moving your lower teeth forward.

·      Class 3 functions by pulling your lower teeth back and your upper teeth forward.

The force applied by these elastic bands is categorized as light, medium, and heavy. They also come in various sizes.

How Long Should You Wear Them?

You need to wear elastic rings throughout your treatment. But for the second type, you’re only required to wear them for a couple of weeks since your teeth move quickly, and the distance they need to close isn’t far. However, those with severe bite problems may be asked to wear them for a year.

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