The Don’ts of Wearing Braces

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If you’re looking for an effective way to straighten your teeth, you’ll want braces in Fort Lauderdale! Braces have been around for centuries. And since then, they have been proven to improve the smiles and oral health of millions of people. However, for braces to be effective, you must diligently follow your orthodontist’s instructions.

When your braces are placed, you are expected to care for both your teeth and the new metal wires and brackets you’re wearing. Here’s a list of things you should NOT do for a smooth and hassle-free treatment.  


Where can I get Braces Fort Lauderdale?

The List of 'Dont’s' When Wearing Braces

Don’t Consume Foods That Can Potentially Damage Your Metal Braces

When you’re on orthodontic treatment, you may have to sacrifice certain sticky or hard foods that can damage your braces. These foods can cause your brackets to come loose or wire to bend and break.

When these things happen, your treatment may be delayed. Moreover, your orthodontist will have to repair your broken braces. Examples of some destructive foods are pretzels, caramel, hard candy, taffy, and chewing gum. When eating fruits, we suggest you slice them into smaller pieces and with corn, make sure it’s off the cob.  

Don’t Miss Appointments

People often think that once the braces are placed on their teeth, they don’t have to see their orthodontist until the treatment is over. However, regular orthodontic appointments are essential because these visits allow your orthodontist to monitor the progress in your teeth’s movement and alignment. They make the necessary adjustments to ensure your treatment plan is right on schedule.

Also, if a bracket comes loose or if a wire gets bent, the treatment will no longer be effective, meaning you will have them on longer. Another issue worth mentioning is a poking wire. As your teeth begin to straighten, the brackets may come closer together causing the wire to poke the back of your gums. Dentists can easy trim this wire, but you need to give them the opportunity. Dental appointments will allow your orthodontist to fix these issues.  


Where can I get Braces Fort Lauderdale?

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