The Consequences of Missing Your Dental Appointments

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Are you confident that your oral care regimen will spare you from dental issues? A dentist in Ft. Lauderdale says brushing and flossing are not enough to protect your teeth and gums against complications.  

Bi-annual dental visits are vital for good oral health. If you keep canceling your appointments, it will only be a matter of time before you start experiencing tooth pain, bleeding gums, and tooth loss. Why wait for these to happen when you can avoid them in the first place?

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What Happens If You Don’t See Your Dentist Regularly?

Plaque Will Populate Your Mouth

What is plaque, and why do you need to remove it? Plaque is a sticky film filled with bacteria that coats your teeth. Bacteria in plaque release acids, leading to enamel erosion and cavity formation. You just need to brush and floss your teeth daily to remove plaque.  

When plaque is left to linger for 24 to 72 hours, it will accumulate minerals from your saliva and harden into tartar. Your home care regimen can remove plaque, but if it has calcified into tartar, you need to visit your dentist because you can’t get rid of it yourself.  

Your Teeth Can Get Discolored

The ADA recommends you visit your dentist every six months. With every visit, your dentist will remove accumulated plaque and tartar on your teeth. Since the cleaning is more thorough, surface stains are removed, resulting in a brighter smile.  

Patients who are diligent in visiting their dentists are so satisfied with the color of their teeth that they don’t need to spend on cosmetic treatments.  

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