The Battle Between Amalgam and Composite Fillings

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Composite and amalgam – how do you know which one is better? Your dentist in Tamarac can present the pros and cons of each type but ultimately, the decision is up to you. Both fillings have their fair share of perks and drawbacks. So, make sure you are fully aware of these before making your final decision.

A dental filling is the standard treatment for tooth repair. Back in the day, people had no choice but to go for a silver amalgam filling because it’s the only one available. However, today, most dental offices offer composite resin fillings.

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Composite Versus Amalgam

Pros and Cons of Composite

Composite fillings are made from ceramic and acrylic and are customized to match the color of your natural teeth so that once they are applied, you’ll have a beautifully seamless smile. In terms of aesthetics, composite gets the upper hand.

Furthermore, your dentist will only remove a small portion of your enamel to prepare your tooth for the fillings preserving most of your tooth’s structure. The downsides to composite are their cost. These fillings are a little pricier than amalgam due to their longevity and appearance.

Pros and Cons of Amalgam

Amalgam fillings are made from metals like copper, mercury, silver, and zinc. Most people like to call them metal or silver fillings because of their color. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly filling, amalgam is your choice.

However, many are apprehensive about amalgam because of its mercury content. This option may not be for you if you have metal sensitivities or allergies. Silver fillings also have a darker color, which can make you self-conscious when you smile.

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Do You Want to Learn More About Fillings from Your Dentist in Tamarac?

Your dentist can provide you with more in-depth information about dental fillings so you can decide which one is right for you. At TLC Dental & Orthodontics, we offer a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments to give you a beautiful and functional smile. Call us today for an appointment.

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