Should You Trust DIY Braces?

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Cheap isn’t always better. DIY projects don’t always work. When it comes to straightening your teeth, DIY braces in North Lauderdale is a big no-no. Even if you read testimonials and videos from people who say they work, don’t believe them. We cannot stress it enough, DIY braces are dangerous.

People who can't afford braces resort to DIY braces thinking that since they look the same, they probably work the same way. Well, that’s where they are wrong. If you want to address teeth misalignment, the only person qualified to fix your teeth is an orthodontist.

A smiling with Braces in North Lauderdale 


The Dangers of DIY Braces

Tooth Loss 

The goal of braces is to align your teeth to give you a beautiful and healthy smile. Imagine the horror of those who risked their oral health just to save on a few dollars when they lost their teeth due to DIY braces.

Keep in mind that the materials used to make DIY braces are found in your kitchen drawers. That knowledge alone is enough to convince you that it’s unsafe. Instead of moving your teeth, these makeshift braces could potentially remove them from their sockets.

Gum Infection

DIY braces use non-sterile materials and when you put that in your mouth you are putting yourself at risk of infection. Some of the items used to make DIY Braces include paper clips and rubber bands.

These sharp clips can puncture your gums and cause an infection. You’re lucky if the infection doesn’t spread but if it does you’re looking into a potentially life-threatening problem.


Man with a toothache from DIY Braces in North Lauderdale 

Are You Still Considering DIY Braces in North Lauderdale?

Don’t even attempt to give DIY braces a try for your oral health’s sake. If you want to straighten your teeth, only trust professionals.

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