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Do you ever feel insecure every time you look at photos of famous celebrities flashing their perfectly aligned teeth and wonder if it’s possible that you could have a smile like theirs too? Well, if you see an orthodontist South Florida you can actually achieve that much-coveted killer smile. Whether it’s an overbite, crowding or spacing, your orthodontist can fix that for you.


If your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth when you bite then it means you have an overbite. Unfortunately, aside from ruining a beautiful smile, an overbite can prematurely wear your front teeth specifically your two front teeth. Furthermore, an overbite can impair your gum tissues leading to what they call a gummy smile. If you have an overbite your orthodontist will recommend the use of braces to correct the problem.


Crowding occurs when there isn’t adequate space for teeth to fit in your jaws. This problem can easily be corrected through braces. Most people who suffer from crowding often complain that the condition of their teeth took away their confidence. This dental problem not only affects your smile it also predisposes you to plaque buildup and tooth decay because crowding teeth are more difficult and more challenging to clean than normal teeth.


Spacing is another dental problem that your orthodontist can treat by installing braces or clear aligners. Just like crowding, teeth spacing can also put you at risk of developing cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Gaps in between teeth will allow food debris to get stuck in these spaces thereby leading to plaque accumulation.

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