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One of the most common smile solutions for children and adults are braces. But, it’s hard to imagine how braces feel. Most people think the whole experience is painful. The truth is that braces are different for everyone, but should not be unbearable. Here are some general feelings you may have while seeing an orthodontist in Hollywood:

does seeing an orthodontist in hollywood for braces hurt

Getting Braces

While getting your braces put on there should be very little to no pain. While getting braces, discomfort might occur while your orthodontist takes molds your teeth and while they place and tighten the wire. Other than that, getting braces put on typically only includes gluing brackets to the teeth which will be 100 percent painless.When leaving the office with your new braces, your tongue will want to explore and you may have a slight lisp, as well as soreness. You will adjust to all of this eventually and the aches will subside.

Wearing Braces

Wearing braces becomes second nature in no time. You will learn what you can and cannot eat, and if they are included in your treatment plan, you will get used to having rubber bands. Other than that, the only time you will most likely have discomfort is the few days after a tightening.To help move your teeth, your dentist tightens your wires regularly. This feels like a lot of pressure on your teeth. Afterward, the pressure can cause what feels like a headache in the mouth or growing pains. You should be able to take general pain relievers to help. Lastly, if a wire is uncomfortable, use dental wax to cover them. If an issue persists, consult your orthodontist.


Removing braces involves very minimal discomfort. Your orthodontist will pull off each bracket after removing the wire. They will then remove excess glue on the tooth. You will most likely also be fitted for a retainer. This will involve taking a model of your new teeth.Once your braces are off, there should not be any pain. Your teeth may feel loose or very wet. This will pass. Your mouth is simply adjusting to its new look!

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