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Once you get braces from an orthodontist in Hollywood, maintaining great oral hygiene becomes more important than ever. Keep your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy as you straighten your teeth with these top tips for a healthy mouth while wearing braces.

3 Oral Hygiene Tips for Braces Wearers

Tip #1: Brush Your TeethBrush your teeth and braces four times daily: after each meal and before bed. For the tops and bottoms of your brackets, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and angle the brush over and under the bracket, scrubbing gently. Then, ensure the most effective brushing my using a proxabrush for between braces and underwires.Tip #2: Floss Your TeethIn addition to brushing, remember to floss your teeth after every single meal. Floss your teeth and braces efficiently by threading the floss under the archwire and between your teeth. If that technique is difficult for you, our orthodontist in Hollywood recommends using a floss threader to help.Tip #3: Avoid Certain FoodsCertain foods can damage your teeth or braces, so it’s best to just avoid them in general. Some of these specific foods include ice, whole carrots, caramels, chewy candies, hard candies, popcorn, gum, peanut brittle, whole apples, and corn on the cob. Meanwhile, some foods that are great for braces wearers are dairy products, diced apples, berries, whole grain bread, and fish, just to name a few.

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