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You don’t have to feel embarrassed about your crooked teeth anymore because you can be confident that your Orthodontist Hollywood can fix it for you. While it’s true that braces are more common among teenagers it doesn’t mean adults can’t wear them. As a matter of fact, quite a number of adults who are concerned about their misaligned teeth are opting to get it fixed with braces. Deciding to get braces is one thing but figuring out what type of braces to get is another.

See an Orthodontist

First thing’s first, see your orthodontist. Your orthodontist is the best person to ask regarding these matters. Asking for their expert opinion means getting rid of biases. They will tell you upfront the advantages of each type of braces as well as the disadvantages.

Metal Versus Clear

The most common and by far the most popular braces are the traditional metal braces. In metal braces, expect to see wires and brackets attached to your teeth. The wires run along the slots within the metal brackets. As the name implies, it is made of stainless steel. Gentle pressure is applied to move your teeth to the desired position until it reaches alignment. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are clear trays that fit snugly to your teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces that are securely affixed, clear aligners can be removed. You can take it out and put it back on anytime you want.

What to Expect

Choosing traditional braces would require you to see your orthodontist for an adjustment every four weeks. The braces are worn for a year up to three years depending on the condition of your teeth. With aligners, your orthodontist will give you a number of sets with each set worn over a week or two.

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