I Want My Braces to Come Off Faster: What Should I Do?

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Braces in Hollywood effectively treat malocclusion and overcrowding, but the treatment takes time. It doesn’t magically happen overnight. Typically, it can take years to move your teeth and even longer if you have severe malocclusion.

This time scale can seem like an eternity for some patients. If you are growing impatient, it helps to remember that you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile for the rest of your life once the treatment is over. The following are tips that will help avoid treatment delays.  

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Tips To Make Your Braces Come Off Faster

Check Your Diet

Did you know that your food choices can affect your treatment time? It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. If you eat gooey, sticky, chewy, and hard foods, your brackets could come loose, or your wires could bend and break, resulting in delays in your treatment.  

To keep your braces in great shape, dentists suggest you stick to soft foods or meals easier to chew. You can ask for a list of foods to avoid during your next dental appointment.

Prepare Your Food

You can enjoy hard foods as long as you cut or slice them into small bite-sized pieces for easy chewing. Examples of these foods are hard bread, apples, and raw vegetables. Again, hard foods can cause your brackets and wires to break or be deformed.  

As a result, it may negatively impact how effectively they can straighten your teeth. If your braces break, your orthodontist will have to repair or replace them, which will cause delays in your treatment.  

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Do You Need More Braces in Hollywood Tips?

Patience is a virtue if you wear braces. It’s essential to complete your treatment to get the best results. At TLC Dental, we offer an extensive array of dental services ranging from restorative to orthodontic treatments. Our friendly and skilled team is always ready to give you the best smile! Contact us today for a reservation.

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