How To Reduce Braces Pain

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If you’ve decided to invest in braces, good for you! Unfortunately, if you’ve read blogs about braces in Fort Lauderdale, we’re sure you’ve read that it comes with pain and discomfort. Some pain is normal as it’s the result of pressure. The pressure is necessary to be able to manipulate your teeth and move them toward the desired direction until they are properly aligned. Don’t be afraid because this pain can be managed. Here’s how you can do it.

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How to Manage Pain from Braces

Ice Pack and Cold Foods

When your mouth hurts because of your braces, try applying an ice pack over the area or buy an ice cream or a cold smoothie. You’ll be surprised at how effective this is to relieve pain.

Consume Soft Foods

When your braces are newly adjusted, your teeth and gums will feel extra sensitive. This can result in pain when you eat foods. To lessen the discomfort, we recommend you consume soft foods as these do not add pressure on your teeth. Yogurts, mashed potatoes, soups, and oatmeal will not hurt your teeth.

Avoid eating chips and raw vegetables as much as possible, and wait until the pain goes away before you can resume your usual diet.

Do You Want to Know More About Handling Pain from Braces in Fort Lauderdale?

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