How to Prevent White Spots on Your Teeth While Wearing Braces

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You’ve been waiting for months to get your braces in Tamarac off, and you’re so excited to see your new smile, but to your surprise, you discover unsightly white spots on your teeth where the braces were once placed.

Why did these white spots appear all of a sudden, or were they there all along? How did it happen? The white spots result from decalcification caused by poor hygiene practices during your treatment.

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How to Prevent White Spots

What Caused White Spots to Appear on Your Teeth?

The design of braces is a bit complex, and because of its intricate shape, plaque tends to accumulate around the brackets and wires. Plaque is a yellowish biofilm filled with bacteria and is the leading cause of tooth decay and cavities.

Bacteria in plaque produce acids that cause tooth demineralization. Your teeth contain phosphate and calcium, and when these essential minerals are stripped off because of acids, they leave chalky white spots on the affected areas.

Since brackets cover a part of your teeth, these covered areas are spared, which explains why the color difference becomes more apparent when your braces are removed.

How Can You Prevent These Infamous White Spots?

The only way to prevent white spots is to ensure you don’t let plaque linger for long. You can do this by brushing your teeth thoroughly. Follow your orthodontist’s recommended brushing technique.

With the design of braces, you have to be extra thorough, ensuring you don’t miss anything. It’s also crucial that you floss every day. This can be challenging with braces, but you have to make certain sacrifices if you want to achieve that flawless smile after your treatment.

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Do You Have More Concerns About White Spots While Wearing Braces in Tamarac?

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