How to Choose the Perfect Braces Color

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You’re dreading your next appointment because you know that your orthodontist will tighten the bands, springs, and wires to add more pressure to your teeth. Since you can’t do anything about it, you might as well shift your perspective. Instead of focusing on the discomfort, why don’t you think about the color of your braces in North Lauderdale?

Choosing the color of the rubber bands is one of the things patients look forward to. So, what’s going to be your next color?

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Braces Color Guide

Dark and Metallic Colors

If you prefer dark-colored bands your options are endless! Dark shades also complement dark-colored tops. When most of your wardrobe are in blacks and dark blues, getting dark-colored rubber bands for your braces will look great on your outfits! The most requested dark band colors are dark green, dark violet, and navy.  

You can also try bronze, maroon, and silver rubber bands if you are fair-skinned. Trust us, you’re going to love the results! Meanwhile, if you have a dark skin tone you may want to try dark green bands and turquoise. But, regardless of your skin color, make sure you stay away from blacks and browns because they’ll make your teeth look discolored.

Light and Pastel Colors

After trying out the dark hues, you can give the lighter shades a try! Light and bright colors are suitable for all age types! You can try paste colors, pink, light blue, violet, and apple green. These shades will look amazing on you. If you’re rooting for a bolder look, you may want to try magenta or gold to bring attention to your smile.

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What Else Do You Love About Wearing Braces in North Lauderdale?

Don’t worry if you wind up not liking the new color of your bands because you can always have them changed during your next appointment.

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