How Often Should You See Your Orthodontist?

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Everything there is to know about your treatment has been discussed during your consultation. Now that you’re finally on it, what’s the next move? Do you still need to keep seeing your orthodontist in Hollywood? The answer is yes.  

The frequency of your visits depends on the severity of your case, the stage of your treatment, and your dental goals. Don’t worry because your orthodontist will likely give you a schedule of your adjustment appointments. Your goal is not to miss a single one to expedite your treatment.  

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Orthodontic Visits: Your Handy Guide  

How Often Should You See Your Orthodontist?  

Whether you choose traditional metal braces or clear aligners, part of the journey is visiting your orthodontist regularly. If you opt for traditional metal braces, you can expect to see your orthodontist every four to eight weeks.    

The reasons for these visits are for your orthodontist to check your teeth and see if they are moving according to plan. They will also replace wires, tighten brackets, and make other adjustments.    

For clear aligner wearers, you’ll need to return to the dental office every four to six weeks. Again, the reason is to track the progress of your smile and dispense a new set of aligners as part of the plan.  

Do You Still Need an Appointment for Other Treatments?  

Since every patient is different, it’s important to mention that not all orthodontic treatments involve clear aligners and metal braces. Some patients require expanders and headgear to address bite and jaw problems. These treatments may require regular dental appointments so that your orthodontist can check if any adjustments are necessary.    

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Visit Your Orthodontist in Hollywood  

Orthodontic treatment requires commitment and sacrifice but don’t worry because once your treatment is over, you can enjoy a youthful, vibrant, beautiful, and healthy smile. At TLC Dental, we strive to provide you with the best dental care with our wide array of affordable treatments. Get in touch with our team to request a reservation.

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