How Often Should You See Your Orthodontist?

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When some people get braces for the first time and experience the discomfort firsthand, they’ll start dreading seeing their orthodontist in Ft. Lauderdale. Sadly, this makes them do not go back. But did you know that if you want a successful orthodontic treatment, you need to visit your orthodontist regularly for the entire length of your treatment?

On average, orthodontic treatments last between 12 and 36 months. However, the treatment time varies from person to person, but if you want to expedite your treatment and stay within your timeline, you must visit your orthodontist for adjustments.

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How Often Should You Visit Your Orthodontist?

Traditional Braces

If you opted for traditional metal braces, you’d need to see your orthodontist every four to eight weeks. Traditional braces encompass metal wires and brackets. The brackets are attached to your teeth while the wires run across them.

Your first appointment will usually take around two hours. The appointments that follow are much shorter, with typically only small adjustments needed. These visits are essential to the success of your treatment as they allow your orthodontist to check your progress and adjust the wires and elastics when necessary.


Invisalign® is an ultra-modern orthodontic treatment that uses clear trays that your orthodontist will place over your teeth to correct misalignment. To acquire clear aligners, you’ll need two separate appointments.

The first appointment is when your orthodontist evaluates and scans your teeth, while the second appointment is when your aligners are ready. You’ll also receive further instructions and guidance on how to wear them. Orthodontic visits are usually every four to six weeks.

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