How Can Your Dental Health Benefit from Fixed Bridges?

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No matter how young or old you are, whenever you lose a permanent tooth, you should see a dentist in South Florida as soon as possible. Regardless of the cause, missing teeth must be replaced right away. Studies show that if you don’t fill in the gap caused by missing teeth, it will only be a matter of time before you start experiencing oral health issues. So, if you’re looking for an affordable tooth replacement solution, you may want to give a dental bridge a try.

Dentist in South Florida shows close up image of a fixed bridge

What Are the Benefits of a Fixed Dental Bridge?

Smile Restoration

Studies show that people who have a complete set of teeth are more confident and happier than those with missing teeth. So, a fixed bridge will not only fix your smile but will also significantly improve your self-esteem.

Improved Chewing  

Chewing your food is painful and difficult if you don’t have teeth. It’s also possible for food debris to settle and collect in the empty tooth sockets. Unfortunately, this can lead to gum problems. To improve your chewing ability, dentists suggest you invest in a dental bridge since you will be eating food daily. If you don’t replace missing teeth, you’ll be in pain every day.  

Speech Improvement

People who have lost several teeth will have difficulty pronouncing words. Sometimes they may be mistaken to have a lisp. This problem cannot be solved unless you replace missing teeth. Your teeth play a crucial role in your ability to utter words. Without a dental bridge, you will not be able to communicate efficiently.

Dentist in South Florida shows 3D render of dental bridge

Do You Need to See a Dentist in South Florida?  

If you need restorative dentistry, we’ve got you covered. At TLC Dental, we offer a wide range of dental treatments that aim to restore your smile and oral health. With our improved techniques and modern technology, we can provide you with personalized treatments to help improve your smile and oral function. Call us today to book an appointment.

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