How Can Dental Implants Improve Your Oral Health?

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Your permanent teeth are meant to last a long time, but if you succumbed to advanced-stage gum disease or severe tooth decay that resulted in premature tooth loss, your dentist could recommend dental implants in Hollywood. Dental implants are innovatively designed to mimic the function and look of natural teeth.  

Even though you’ve lost your original teeth, once your implants have fully fused with your jawbone, it’s as if you grew new teeth because they can restore everything, including your smile, oral function, and everything in between.  

Dental Implants Hollywood

How Can Dental Implants Boost Your Oral Health?

Preserve Your Jawbone

Did you know that when you lose your teeth, you will also gradually lose the bone tissues that surround the empty sockets? Without stimulation from chewing, your jawbone will eventually weaken. As it loses density and volume, it will not be able to support your teeth leading to further tooth loss.  

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement solution that can preserve bone density by providing bone tissues with adequate stimulation needed for regeneration. This feature is lacking in bridges and dentures.  

Lower Your Risk of Gum Disease  

The empty sockets left by missing teeth can become an entryway for bacteria to destroy your gum tissues leading to gum inflammation and infection.  

Unfortunately, gum disease is not just a localized problem because if the bacteria can get into your bloodstream, they can travel to other parts of your body, predisposing you to complications like coronary artery disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and respiratory disease. Dental implants can prevent these issues by filling in and protecting the empty sockets.  

Dental Implants Hollywood

Get Your Dental Implants in Hollywood!

Choosing dental implants is a great step toward achieving optimum oral health. At TLC Dental, we believe restoring your smile, and oral function need not be expensive. We offer affordable, and personalized treatment plans to help you achieve your dental goals. Contact us today to request an appointment.  

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