FAQs About Dental Implant Recovery

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We know you’re eager to have your smile back since you’ve asked your dentist in Tamarac all possible questions about the dental implant process. But while you’re all caught up in the excitement, you may forget that getting a dental implant is a surgical procedure that requires recovery.

Not everyone recovers at the same pace since each case is unique. However, knowing the factors that influence recovery can give you an advantage to breeze through it as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

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Understanding Dental Implant Recovery

What Can Influence Recovery Time?

The recovery time can be affected by the location of the implants and the number of implants you plan to have. Patients who do not have sufficient jawbone mass and density may need to undergo bone grafting. A bone graft procedure can prolong the recovery time.

How Should I Care For My Dental Implants While Healing?

Successful recovery also relies on how well you care for your dental implants. Luckily, it doesn’t require special care. All you have to do is maintain good oral hygiene. However, you should not brush your teeth within the first 24 hours post-op.

You can rinse it with a warm salt solution to keep it clean. After 24 hours, you can slowly and gently brush your teeth to prevent infection. It’s also essential to take your medications as prescribed.  

How Long Will It Take for My Mouth to Recover?

As mentioned, plenty of factors could affect the healing and recovery time. For individuals who did not receive bone grafts and only had one to two implants, recovery time can take up to a few days, but if you received multiple implants plus a bone graft, the recovery time could take up to several weeks. Other factors that could affect healing are hygiene, health, and age.

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