Famous Stars Who Have Had Braces

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Whenever you see celebrities sporting perfectly flawless smiles, don’t be fooled, because many of them had cosmetic work done. To achieve the perfect teeth alignment, these celebrities had to wear braces. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with perfect teeth. But don’t worry, because there is hope in the form of braces in Hollywood, and these celebrities are living proof that braces can miraculously change your appearance.    

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Celebrities Who Used Braces to Achieve Beautiful Smiles  

Angeline Jolie  

Angelina Jolie is a famous actress and filmmaker who has received several accolades, including the Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award. She’s also been named one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses. And while these awards can be owed to her talent, you can’t deny that her bedazzling smile helped a little.  

Emma Watson  

Emma Watson’s smile is immaculate, but she wasn’t born with it. She had to wear braces to fix her crooked teeth. Tabloids show that she had them on between the third and fourth Harry Potter movies.    

Jaden and Willow Smith  

During their teen years, megastars Jaden and Willow Smith underwent orthodontic treatment, specifically traditional metal braces. All the sacrifices they had to go through paid off because their smiles look undeniably gorgeous.  

Kendall Jenner  

You can instantly spot Kendall if you’ve been following the famous Kardashians clan on social media. Kendall stands out because of her supermodel figure. But besides her svelte and perfect body, one of the things people (and paparazzi) love about her is her bright and beaming smile. Kendal wore braces when she was still 13 years old but had them removed as she switched to invisible braces.    

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Get Your Braces in Hollywood!  

Your teeth may not look stunning now, but once you complete your orthodontic treatment, you’ll be happy you had braces. At TLC Dental, we offer affordable orthodontic treatment that can give you the smile of your dreams while improving your oral health. Contact us today for a reservation.

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