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Do your gums bleed easily? Do people comment about your breath? If yes, you should see a family dentist South Florida right away because these signs are indicative of gum disease. Gum disease is a reversible condition for as long as it is detected, diagnosed and treated early. One of the factors that contribute to gum disease is genetics. Let’s find out more.

What is Gum Disease?

People who are diagnosed with gum disease have red, swollen and bleeding gums. Their gums may recede and they suffer from chronic bad breath. There’s also a possibility that they will lose their teeth if the infection is not treated right away. It’s also possible for pus to form around the teeth. Gum disease has three stages and it starts with gingivitis, next is periodontitis and the most severe is advanced periodontitis.

Is it Hereditary?

Unfortunately, gum disease is hereditary. In a study done in 2000, it showed that genetics play a crucial role in half of the periodontal disease cases. The good news is that patients can take genetic tests to see if they are susceptible to gum disease.  Early treatment may be given to protect against gum disease. Although heredity is a factor that will increase your propensity to gum disease, poor oral hygiene is still the number one cause of gingivitis.

Why Should You See a Family Dentist?

Gum disease is the result of plaque accumulation along the gumline. Plaque formation can be prevented if you brush and floss your teeth daily and if you see your family dentist regularly for a professional dental clean. When plaque is not removed it will turn into tartar and only a qualified dental professional will be able to remove it. Preventing gum disease should be your top-most priority if members of your family already have it.

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