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So, it happened. Your little one took a spill and he or she has a gummier smile than usual. Dental emergencies happen, and a family dentist in South Florida can help you and your child recover. But, what should you know before hauling your crew to the office? Here’s how to handle a few minor dental emergencies:

Stay Calm

This is hard to do when you’re a mom and your kid is hurt. But, then that also means you know that staying calm is what will help your child to get the best care. So, take a deep breath and think clearly. First things first: Was a baby tooth or permanent tooth affected? If it’s a baby tooth, you can take another deep breath. It’s more than likely and adult tooth will make its way in eventually. But, you should still see your dentist!

Broken Tooth

There is hope! This is minor damage in the scheme of things. However, it’s not so cute for school pictures. Try to collect the pieces that broke off. Then, rinse the mouth with warm salt water to kill bacteria. Next, apply a compress to reduce any swelling that may occur and call us!

how can a family dentist in south florida help in an emergency

Knocked-Out Tooth

Okay, remember those deep breaths? You might needs those. A knocked out tooth can be painful. So, do your best to have your child breath slowly with you to soothe them. Hold the tooth by the crown (the bone, not the root tissue). Carefully rinse it with water. Do not scrub. If you can, put the tooth back in its place. This can help preserve it as you call your dentist and make your way to the office. If you can’t put it back in place, a sealed container of milk will work.

Soft-Tissue Injury

Bleeding in the mouth can occur for several reasons. Be sure to rinse the mouth out with salt water to ward off bacteria. Then, apply a compress, like a tea bag, to prevent swelling. If you deem it serious enough or bleeding does not stop, call the office immediately.

Looking for a Family Dentist in South Florida?

No matter how old you get, dental emergencies can happen. But, a family dentist in South Florida is able to help. If you have any inquiries about your family’s dental hygiene, contact us today!

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