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Taking your young children anywhere – especially a doctor’s office – can be a huge undertaking. But, it’s necessary to keep them healthy and happy! But, at what age should you start bringing your children to a family dentist in Ft Lauderdale?

is my child too young to go to a family dentist in ft lauderdale

Ideally, your children should start seeing a dentist when their first tooth comes through and no later than their second birthday. But, your child’s first visit could be at any time. Every child is different and comes with different concerns. So, if you have a question or concern, never be afraid to ask!Your child’s teeth can tell a lot about their dental health, even early on. First of all, it’s believed that baby teeth set the path for the growth of their adult teeth later on. Also, babies are able to get cavities as they are softer than adult teeth. Plus, a visit early in age gives them an opportunity to adjust to the environment. This can prevent dental anxiety later on by establishing trust.

What Will Happen at Your Child’s First Appointment?

Your dentist will go ahead and take a look at your child’s gums. Additionally, they will analyze your child’s jaw and bite to look for bottle caries – tooth decay caused by sweet liquids. They may also do a very gentle brushing of the teeth. Lastly, depending on their age, a fluoride treatment may be applied.

Want to Learn More About a Family Dentist in Ft Lauderdale?

Oral hygiene at all ages is important. So, definitely consider taking them to a family dentist in Ft Lauderdale early on. If you have any questions pertaining to you or your family’s dental health, feel free to contact TLC dental!

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