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Quality x-ray equipment is crucial when it comes to adequate dental care. Dentists rely on x-rays to identify dental problems, guide themselves during treatments, and educate patients about dental hygiene. As technology continues to develop, digital x-ray machines have become more popular in dentist offices. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of digital x-rays from your family dentist in Ft Lauderdale.

Reduces Radiation Exposure

By using digital x-rays, dentists can significantly reduce their patients’ exposure to radiation. Digital imaging does not produce as much radiation as film does, and because it takes pictures faster, patients don’t have to be exposed for as long.

Higher Quality Images

The sooner dentists can catch cavities and other dental problems, the easier and less expensive the treatment can be. The higher quality the x-ray is, the better the dentist can detect any possible problems. A digital image can catch development problems, cysts, bone loss, tumors, and decay earlier than other forms of x-rays can.

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Better Enhancement

When combined with the right software, digital imaging provides ample opportunities to enhance and mark dental images. Not only does this aid dentists during procedures, but it also makes patient education easier. Patients can more easily understand dentists’ instructions when they are accompanied by enhanced images. This will increase the chances that the patient will actually do what the dentist is saying.

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